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The Scott Gibson airport is in the city limits of Parsons. it offers a 4,000 foot lighted and paved runway with a 10-inch Beacon. Aircraft up to 10,500 pounds are acceptable to runway standards.

The available fuel is 100 LL & JA. Hangar space is available for overnight parking. Pilots have the option of using the airport service car for personal needs around town. Rental cars are available also. There is a mechanic available for minor repairs.

Decaturville, the county seat, is located on state highways 69 and 100. Parsons is located at the junction of Highways 69/641 and 412, an is served by Interstate 40, 14 miles north. (Decatur County has an excellent network of hard surface roads that compliment the state and federal highways serving Parsons, Decaturville, and the surrounding areas.) The north end of the county is traversed by Interstate 40. State highways 69 and 202 cross the county. The Alvin C. York bridge connects Decatur and Perry Counties, crossing the Tennessee River.

Decatur County is accessible by the Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake, which runs the entire length of the county south to north with close to 50 miles of shoreline. Barges with a 9 foot draft can travel the rivers 650 miles. Forty-three million tons of cargo are carried by barge on the river annually. The commercial port facilities at Perryville currently loads timber, coke, fertilizer and asphalt. The channel depth ranges from 35 to 55 feet with a depth of 12 to 14 feet at the dock sites.

Trucking service is available locally with Ward Grain and ACE Trucking terminals. Heavier carriers include Roadway, Milan Express, Service Transport and Averitt Express. Overnight delivery is available to Chicago and Dallas. Carrier service includes UPS, Federal Express, Purolator Courier, Airborne, Emery and Film Transit.

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