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County Roads Department

We are always working to improve the roads in our county. You can help by helping us to keep them free of litter and trash. If you notice something that needs our attention please let us know.

Recent Roads Department Projects:


Recently constructed Hwy 641, connects with I-40 at extreme north end of Decatur county and traverses through the county to extreme south end where the John C. Wilder bridge crosses the Tennessee River, connecting southern Decatur County to Wayne County, and linking up with Hwy 64, east of Clifton, TN. and a newly completed Hwy. 128 leading South toward Savannah, TN.

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Decaturville, the county seat, is located on state highways 69 and 100. Parsons is located at the junction of Highways 69/641 and 412, an is served by Interstate 40, 14 miles north.


Decatur County has an excellent network of hard surface roads that compliment the state and federal highways serving Parsons, Decaturville, and the surrounding areas.  The north end of the county is traversed by Interstate 40. State highways 69 and 202 cross the county. The Alvin C. York bridge connects Decatur and Perry Counties, crossing the Tennessee River.

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