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The Decatur County

Convention Center


1925 Hwy 641 South

P.O. Box 83

Parsons, TN   38363


Tel: (731) 847-2404

Rental Info: (731) 847-6225

The Decatur County Convention Center

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Decatur County Convention Center

Statement of Conditions, Rules and Regulations

The Decatur County Convention Center is owned and operated by the County of Decatur. It is administered by a County Recreational Board, established by the County Court

All use of the Decatur County Convention and grounds shall be granted only through the execution of a rental agreement.


Failure to vacate buildings or grounds at time specified will be subject to a penalty charge of not more than one day’s fee unless said failure conflicts with the scheduled use of the center or grounds in which case additional charges may be made.


At the discretion of the manager and/or the Recreation Board a performance bond, or cash deposit may be required to insure repair and/or replacement of any equipment, furnishings, or structure due to vandalism or accidental defacement.


Parking and use of grounds remain the province of the county.


Refunds of deposits or other advance payments will be made only after adjustments for incurred expenses, actual use, and loss of income involved.


All applicable and due taxes shall be the sole responsibility of the Lessee and/or his agent(s)


Certification and proof of insured liability shall be furnished when required.


Any act, commission of misdeed or attempt to non-conform to the rules and regulations may be construed by the county as ample grounds for cancellation of contractual agreement. In such event, any and all deposits for advance payments shall be forfeited as partial liquidation or contract obligations of lessee.


The Lessee shall comply with the laws of the State and County and conform to all safety and fire regulations.


Conditions of agreement, policies and rental charges may be changed by the Director of Parks, the Recreation Board and /or the County Commission, as needed in order to fulfill the responsibility accorded them by the citizens of Decatur County.


The Sale and/or use of alcoholic beverages on premises is strictly prohibited.


The Recreation Board and/or Manager reserves the right to specify the type of ticket and passes to be used in order to provide an adequate system of accounting for charged admissions.


No lease agreement will be entered into with a minor.


Any firearms brought upon the grounds must be unloaded and secured with a trigger lock at all times.


Needed extra security, police and fire watchman beyond normal County provisions shall be determined by the Recreation Board and/or Manager. Any additional charges shall be at the expense of the Lessee.


Only the County staff can set up and assemble, county owned props, booths, etc. A set up charge will be incurred for the use of county employees to assemble booths and or other props.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building at all times.


At no time shall any Lessee discriminate against any person


The convention center is not liable to the Lessee for any damage to or for the loss or destruction of any exhibit or the property of the exhibitor by fire or other casualty covered by an extended coverage endorsement to a fire insurance policy, whether caused by negligence of the hall, its officers, agents, servants, employees or otherwise, all claims for any such loss or damage being expressly waived by exhibitor who agrees to indemnify and hold the hall harmless from such claims.


The Management of the Convention Center and grounds, The Parks Department Director, The County Mayor, The Recreational Board, and The County Court reserve the right of free access to any and all parts of the buildings and grounds at all times.



The Decatur County Parks Department promotes a non-discrimination policy that ensures participation for all regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, economic status or disability. The Decatur County Parks Department will make reasonable modifications to our programs to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities and requires any Lessee to agree to abide by this policy as well.



Lessee must recognize that there are certain inherent risks involved in programs and events open the public. In the event of a serious injury, accident or illness, the Lessee will: (1) contact the Decatur County Fire Department/EMS to perform emergency care (2) recommend transport of the victim to the hospital and (3) reach the parent, guardian, emergency contact or closest relative as soon as the situation allows.



To reserve the building  or for questions call:

County Parks Department Office @ (731) 847-6225




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