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Decatur Furnace

Located at Bob's Landing

The Decatur Furnace was located at Bob's Landing approximately 6 miles north of Clifton Tennessee on the west bank of the Tennessee River. This was the last landing in Decatur County. It was first named Shannonville for Bob Shannon. With the coming of the postal system, the name was changed to Bob's Landing to avoid confusion with an already existing post office named Shannonville.

Iron Ore was produced here between 1854 and 1862 The Furnace was built by Golliday, Cheatham & Co. Mr. G. W. Carter was the manager The Furnace was steam powered Hot Blast. The Furnace is located on a bluff, and is about 50 yards from the Tennessee river in the south eastern section of Decatur County. It is said that the furnace was only in operation a short time and that after the furnace closed, family's in the area looted the brick from the stack.



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